Guide your wedding guests with a seating chart

Tight on space at the entrance to your reception? Looking for something other than the sea of escort cards that usually greets guests at a wedding? Then maybe you should consider using a wedding guest seating chart instead. They can be beautiful, and are certainly useful, plus they're a big space saver.

If you have 2 of them flanking the doors to your dining room, tent or reception hall, your guests won't find themselves in a traffic jam searching for their names on the chart.

What's the cost, you ask? Actually, depending on the size of your wedding and the frame size, they can actually save you money compared to the cost of individual escort cards! A seating chart sized to fit a 24" x 36" frame is just $150 for a design in your wedding colors. Escort cards often easily surpass that price for medium to large sized weddings. Smaller sizes are available for even less cost! We recommend that you buy your frames at one of those big craft stores (Michaels, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, etc.). They have great sales, plus if you plan well enough, you can use the frame in your home after the wedding. Maybe you even have one at home now, and can switch out that lovely Degas for the seating chart, and replace it again after the wedding!

Take a look at these examples. More can be added to the design...do you want your wedding party listed? Maybe a larger design on top...the sky is the limit. We can design it to fit your style and wedding design.

Enjoy!! Happy wedding planning!