Ah, love those escort cards!

A few years ago we, along with Kelli Berg of Simply Beautiful Events, designed an escort card template that has since become our very favorite! It's similar to a tent card, but it has a lower back slope so it's easier to view from the front. How many times have you stood there trying to find your name looking down at this sea of tent cards? Not with ours!

Angela Hall of Out of the Ordinary Events just sent us this great picture of our escort cards at the last wedding in which we worked together. They were made from a rich copper backing with a creamy creme brulee printed card. They were luscious!
(This great pic was taken by Brandon Vick)

Here's another from a wedding a couple of months ago. Similar concept, but here we used a moss green backing that was printed with one of our custom paisley designs and then had a lovely metallic ecru printed piece on top.
(This lovely pic is by Rachel Gracie)

Oh, and what's the difference between an escort card and a place card you ask? An escort card gets your guest to their table whereas a placecard tells them where to sit AT the table. Most people need escort cards or something similar so their guests know what table at which to sit. Only some people have place cards telling their guests where to sit at the table.

Those are my thoughts for the evening. Good night!

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