The invitation EXPERIENCE

Yesterday, I had the experience, for the FIRST TIME, of actually receiving a Bella Carta Studio invitation in the mail.

Yes, I've worked there for a year and a half-ish, but funny, none of the brides that I have crafted invitations for has ever felt compelled to actually invite me to their event. Huh....

This week we made the invitations for my aunt and uncle's 50th anniversary celebration that will be held in October. (It's a surprise - shhhhhh!) The card that was designed is simple, yet elegant; it has rich gold and black linen borders backing a white mica card. And was mailed in a matching white mica envelope and addressed using the script from the card.

And yes, what an impact they make when you get one in the mail! I know my neighbors were jealous when it was sitting, tantalizingly, on our ledge. I love the experience of opening the envelope, holding the hefty, gorgeous card - thinking the event I am invited to will be as rich and as elegant!

My mom, dad and grandmother all commented on how beautiful the invite was. As I'm sure the other guests will also.

I wanted to share this personal experience of what exactly we produce here. It certainly isn't just invites - it's the FEELING of the upcoming event...


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Ooooh I love the concept! :D