Wedding Favors with a Cause

We do a lot of wedding favor packaging and tagging, as well as the donation cards (in lieu of favors, bride & groom have made donations to etc., etc.). Wedding favors are nice, and those donation cards are a nice way to honor loved ones, but what if you could do something for others WHILE giving a cool favor to your guests?

We've spoken about the Fair Trade bookmarks for which we created cool packaging so they looked great at the reception. Today I was helping one of my other clients with the same kind of endeavor. She liked the idea of the fair trade bookmarks but doesn't live local to where I am (so I could send her to the same place my other client purchased those great bookmarks). Well, I found the neatest site while looking for more Fair Trade bookmarks. Take a look at these:

Aren't they beautiful? But here's the BEST part...for each bookmark purchased (for $3.95 each), The Hunger Site funds 25 cups of food for people who don't have enough food to eat. So in other words, you're doing a GREAT thing (think of how much food that is for a simple 150 person wedding!) AND your guests get a beautiful bookmark. You can attach a lovely logo tag with an explanation on the back and put one at each place setting. They'd be gorgeous and you'd be doing such a good thing. Here's the site: http://shop.thehungersite.com/store/item.do?itemId=32643&siteId=220&sourceId=220&sourceClass=StoreSearch&index=4

There are many other options on The Hunger Site, too...take a look! Additionally, there are sister sites that give money to fund breast cancer research, child health, literacy, etc. Just use the link above and you'll see the other options in the tabs at the top of the page.

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