Trends for spring 2009

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Anyone that knows me well knows that I am an ardent follower of fashion. I've always tried to maintain an aura of "stylishness" and after living in NYC for a number of years, I can talk the talk. I get all the magazines, try to keep up with the shows, and though no longer living in a hotbed of fashion, I do my best to look COOL while walking to work and making the lovely things I do here at Bella Carta Studio.

I am prompted to blog about fashion and more specifically trends by Lisa's suggestion that I discuss what we see going out of our workroom as we start on spring 2009 SAVE THE DATES.

One trend that I have noticed being brought up again and again is one of geometric simplicity. I actually saw it first in a Save the Date we did early LAST spring for a VERY modern bride. She specified cool and elegant, loving the look of light aqua and steel rules running sleekly along one long edge of the announcement.

This idea of simple design in the form of stripes was suggested by another one of our brides who came in wanting Save the Dates that reflected something "preppy." She loved those great colors: rich navy blue, chartruse green and brilliant magenta - they all contrast but somehow play together so nicely. Lisa was inspired to show her those colors in a fun nautical stripe pattern that wraps around the panel and is tied on with double faced satin magenta ribbon. And a few of those color rules horizontally frame the announcement.

Color trends are constantly changing and evolving. From the jewel tones that we used so frequently this fall, we are seeing a shift to brights and primaries, particularly that navy. Another Save the Date for a June wedding had both a vibrant green backing card and was mailed in a navy side flap envelope, white labeling band ready for green addressing and featuring a brilliant blue flower from the card

All these bright colors and a simple approach to design are sure to affect what we do as we ramp up for our holiday season of announcements, invitations and of course, greetings - both family and corporate. Lisa was walking around with something TOTALLY CYAN the other day...

More on holiday soon,

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