Party at Bella Carta!

Hi Everyone!

Lisa is on vacation for a couple of days and I am whooping it up here at the studio.

Actually, I'm not. I've been pretty busy and I wanted to share a couple of things I've done.

First, we did these gorgeous letterpressed invitations for one of our brides with a fall theme, as she is getting married the first weekend of October. They are VERY subtle, but totally luxurious, with this yummy thick white cotton paper that just begs to be touched.

As the date is fast approaching, I put together 115 programs for her ceremony. They simply feature their names, the date and the fall icons that were used throughout the set. They are painstakingly tied together with a elegant satin ribbon, the shine of which contrasts nicely with nubbly cotton cardstock. (Yes, pain! TINY holes, TINY ribbon, TINY knots! I have BIG fingers. Not that I'm complaining...) And I have to include a picture of the finished lot, carefully tucked into a box for now. I love the look of all the pretty ribbons.

Then, I lined envelopes for another client who has very refined taste. He wants social stationary that was functional, yet simple and masculine. Lisa is having the substantial cardstock printed with thermography as I line the matching envelopes with a subtle pinstripe, done in black and white. The lining gives the envelope an obvious heft and makes an immediate impression on any recipient. Just spectacular, but not "in your face."

Just now, I layed down a cozy oriental rug that I brought in for the workroom. The floors in here are a marble chip and are cool, literally. With the arrival of fall, cold weather is inevitable here in Rochester, NY. The rug is an attempt to keep myself warmer as I stand and assemble our beautiful items. The rubber pad that is on the rug is supposed to cushion my spine and does indeed work as I can happily stand for hours, gluing or folding (or holepunching or tying...)

It is again friday afternoon and I want to get a jump on some of the stuff that we are doing for a BIG job next week. As usual, I'll keep you posted.

The trusty assistant,

PS: Don't think it's ALL work for me while Lisa is away - I did manage to take a break from tying knots yesterday (a neccessity, finger fatigue!) and buy some new fuzzy lined Minnetonka slippers, again for the cool tile floors of my apartment. Lisa, they will probably get here monday.

PSS: Lisa did check in with this great picture from her vacation in Monteray, CA. Her message: "I took this pic from my phone today. He landed on one of those viewing binocular thingys on the observation deck about a foot away from me. I was talking on the phone at the time and had to stop to take this picture. Doesn’t he have a cute look on his face?"

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