Westchester, here we come...

This weekend Carrie and I road-tripped down to Westchester, New York to participate in the Unveiled Bridal Event by the Westchester Weddings magazine. It was at the CV Rich Mansion in White Plains and gosh, it was beautiful! What a gorgeous setting for a lovely variety of vendors. We were so pleased to be included in it.

We haven't previously participated in bridal shows for a number of reasons so there was quite a bit of preparation that we had to put into it. The results, however, were well worth it. Here area few pictures of our booth at the mansion.

And this is the gorgeous letterpress set with a subtle fall concept that we recently did. They're SO luxurious!
Also, we're now advertising in Westchester Weddings Magazine so if you're in that area, check out our ad in the Fall/Winter 2008 issue on page 103. I'm so pleased with the way the ad turned out! If you want a copy of the magazine, feel free to email me and I'll send one to you. We have a bunch at the studio and would love to share!

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