The Zen of creation

Hello all!

I just wanted to update a couple of on-going projects that I've been working on here at Bella Carta Studio.

First, I finished painting the aforementioned ribbon cabinet last week and it has been moved back into place in the brown showroom and filled again with all sorts of gorgeous ribbon. It looks great, as you can see.

Lisa also wanted me to mention the custom, personalized ribbon as featured in the book perched on top of our cabinet. We order this from Midori, a manufacturer of VERY luxurious ribbon. This ribbon can come in almost any color, a variety of widths and can be personalized with the bride and groom's names, monogram or any specific message for your guests. Please feel free to contact us for more information on this service.

The other thing I JUST NOW finished were the 170 kimonos that I was about to start when I blogged about painting the cabinet. One of the great things about my job here is the joy I derive from the act of CREATION - actually hand making: cutting, folding, taping, tying 170 beautiful little items. As I often say when I describe my job, it's all VERY ZEN. You really get into a groove doing this. It's extremely peaceful and terrifically rewarding. Especially when you see the whole lot DONE!

I had the finished kimonos out on the workroom table to count them and thought they looked particularly cool, as you can see.

Well, another week of creation and fun here at Bella Carta Studio. Stay tuned, more to come....

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