Can't forget the babies....

Not to be outdone by our wedding invitations, we've also been busy with birth announcements!

Here are a few we've done in the last year....so FUN! I love it when our brides come back to us to design the introduction of their newest family addition. I can't think of better feedback than return customers!

We have lots more to post soon...both wedding and baby. We've been BUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSYYYYYYYYYY!!!

And the website is c o m i n g a l o n g s l o w l y but coming along. Soon, soon, I just keep telling myself that. I think it's true...that's what they tell me. :-)


Economista said...

Beautiful! I didn´t know that people send letters when a baby born.

Jeanne said...


I found your blog through my friend Alicia (aka Yaya) who met you at the Parenthood for Me fundraiser. (I met Alicia via an endometriosis support group).

I just stopped by to say hello. (I thought I'd pop in and visit all three bloggers she listed in her post as having attended the fundraiser). Your invitations look pretty. :)


Invitations said...

OH MY GOSH! How cute are these! :D