Invitations DO set the tone!

Oh come on, Lisa...

Hello everyone, it's Carrie. I know I haven't checked in for a while. Lisa will tell you I am a Luddite (look it up!) and thus afraid of the computer.

But today, here I am at home, surfing the web for party supplies. "Why?" you ask — because the Save the Dates that are featured below are for my parents, Barbara and Bob. Yes, it's been 50 years and we are having a big picnic/barbeque at a local park.

Lisa will also tell you that I GET IT. Invitations set the tone. I started thinking about these soon after starting at Bella Carta Studio, because I saw the potential of the paper (and the ribbon and the color envelopes and the fonts...!)

Part of being a Luddite is that I am terribly old fashioned about such things as BIG family events. I knew we were having a picnic, BUT it is a 50th anniversary, so how do you convey casual yet formal? This is a big event, but there will be barbeque sauce EVERYWHERE!

I think the Save the Date starts the general VIBE, if you will. The formality of gorgeous red textured card stock of the Envelopfold® contrasted with the fun red picnic cloth background pattern. The formal script contrasted with a great sans serif in the panel.

I GET IT! Wait until you see the invitations — like the Save the Dates, people are gonna PLOTZ!

Lisa was taking pictures of the invitations as I was out the door yesterday. Perhaps they are up NOW on the new bellacartastudio.com. CHECK IT OUT!

I'll tell you how it goes.

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